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Control your racing thoughts: capitalising on your creativity

Are you subject to racing thoughts? Do you “connect the dots” that other people often may not see? Are you a creative individual who wishes to make use of the way in which you think?

Conscious thought requires focus, if it’s going to be of any use. It’s the same with your creativity. The problem is that your creativity cannot be measured, and is not a tangible asset. It’s something you must control and be able to manifest in ways that are commercially valuable.

I’ve worked with many people who are highly creative, who have struggled to keep jobs in corporate environments and have gone through hard times to put themselves into positions that they can capitalise on their creativity. Quite often, they use the same rulebook.

Rule number one: listen to yourself

Creativity is related to trait openness, which correlates positively with IQ. Being creative is a form of intelligence, and your ability to listen to yourself should be tapped into.

As a creative person, conventional wisdom may just be your downfall. Learn to listen to yourself, trust the gut feeling and go with what feels natural.

Always remember your instincts. Those who listen to their instincts live without regret.

Rule number two: embrace the experience

Experiences come first. Make sure that you are on the right track, heading towards the goals that create a life that capitalizes on your skill set.

Are you a writer? Get a job in copywriter. Like art? There’s plenty of roles that will allow you to develop a commercial awareness of your skill set, enabling you to use your work hours to perfect your craft.

The main thing? Embrace all experiences and allow each of them to leave their imprint on your life.

Rule number three: create a long-term plan

As much as creativity can be a huge gift, it can also be a curse. A lot of my clients suffer from spontaneous thoughts and sometimes give in to compulsive actions. Their creativity doesn’t allow them to naturally fit into structure, which can lead to problems in all areas of their life.

Having a long-term plan that will allow you to curb your enthusiasm at times of high peaks of creativity? It can often be the difference between successfully using your creative skills to allowing them to become almost self-destructive in their nature.

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